Physiosapiens in Tromsø offers complementary-medical physiotherapy.

The treatment combines different techniques and views from different conventional and alternative treatment methods.


A comprehensive concept to achieve the best possible result for you.


This makes Physiosapiens unique.


Each patient is individual.

YOU are in focus!

In pain? Are you bothered?

Can't get hold of your full potential?

Are you tired of standard procedures and treatment that do not produce the desired or lasting effect?


In a world characterized by statistics and groupings, one is quickly lost as an individual. Here, the focus is on YOU!


Physiosapiens offers treatment for acute and long-term ailments, for whatever reason. Always focusing on the whole system, Physiosapiens looks for the solution to your individual challenges and issues.


Read more about Physiosapiens and complementary-medical physiotherapy.


NOK 600 up to 40 min

The number of treatments and techniques used varies and is customized individually.



Physiosapiens does not have a refund right at HELFO.

Appointments that are not canceled no later than 24 hours before, must be paid in full.

"A lot of what can't be calculated is correct, though. The fact that some things can't be verified through experimental research doesn't make it any less true."

J. W. Goethe

Storgata 102

Entrance from Skanckesmuget

Christian Minke



+47 403 80 096

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday:   07:30-16:30
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Storgata 102, 9008 Tromsø, Norway 

+47 403 80 096

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