Hva er Physiosapiens?

The name Physiosapiens and the idea behind it exist since 2009. The concept is constantly evolving. In 2016, Christian Minke established "Physiosapiens AS", which today has its premises in Skanckegården in the center of Tromsø.


Physiosapiens is composed of two terms: Physiologia and Homo Sapiens.


Physio means "nature, origin". Logia means "study of". Physiologia is ancient Greek, and is the scientific study of the functions and mechanisms that operate within a living system.


Homo Sapiens is Latin and means "wise man", which is the name of the only existing human species.


The concept of Physiosapiens aims to restore the physiological function of man, as far as possible.


Man, and his individual needs, are in focus.


The body is very capable of keeping us going. In order to do so, it uses different compensation strategies.


A well-known phenomenon is that "it came by itself, so goes by itself". In some cases, it apparently does; The body has compensated for the problem. But eventually, the body will struggle to find more opportunities to compensate, and you begin to struggle in many different ways.


At this point, the problem is often that there is not necessarily "something wrong" in the spot in which it actually hurts. Doctors and therapists face a major challenge, and sometimes both the patient and the therapist will eventually give up.


By correcting the body, many ailments can be improved. Physiosapiens tries to find the original problem, in order to "show" the body the way away from the troublesome compensation chaos.

In many cases, treatment provides pain relief and releases capacity.


The treatment can help against:

-    Physical / structural ailments in the fascia,

      the musculoskeletal system and the organ system.

-    Functionality and coordination difficulties

-    Pain

-    Psycho-emotional challenges

-    Stress disorders and trauma

-    Chronic and recurrent ailments

-    A combination of the above


Multiple minor adjustments represent a major change.

Christian Minke

Bachelor of Health




Christian has studied physiotherapy in a collaboration with the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands.


During and after his studies he has, besides practical work, focused on further education in the subject. At the same time he has expanded his professional horizon in complementary-medical treatment concepts.


Ever since Christian was a child he has been thinking outside the box and has done things a little differently than most people. This has developed a very open attitude and free thinking, Christian, and not least the patients benefit greatly from in treatment context. Physiosapiens is a result of this.


Christian Minke is Physiosapiens!